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Jeffrey Thomas Hayden
10/17/91 - 9/8/04

"We miss you, but we will
never forget you"

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Jeffrey Thomas Hayden Foundation

Latest News - 9/8/2013
Nine years ago today the gates of heaven opened so Jeffrey could pass from this world to the next. What a glorious sight he must have seen. I try to imagine what that experience would have been like for a 12 year old and picture the look on his face. Just thinking about that moment is too emotional to describe.

This would have been his senior year in college and we wonder about the choices he would have made and the type of young man he would be today. It’s never easy to understand why a life so full of promise is cut so short, but this is the situation we deal with on a daily basis.

Our journey continues and we long for the day when a cure can be found. Progress is being made on the medical front, but we have a long way to go. We appreciate all the support from friends and family, along with everyone else that has been touched by Jeffrey.

Jeffrey… We love you and we miss you, and we will never forget you.