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2-February-2004 - 2/17/2004

Jeff at the bowling alley Jeff and Joe Jeff, Joe, Kyle and Trent
2/18/04 Matt Kenseth and Jeff 2/18/04 Matt and Joe 2/18/04 All smiles in the interview room
2/18/04 Ken Broo and Jeff on the ice 2/18/04 Jeff and Matt on the ice 2/18/04 Broo, matt and Jeff in the interview room
2/18/04 Matt signing the puck 2/18/04 cerimonial puck drop 2/18/04 puck drop
2/18/04 Rocco, Joe, Jeff and Kyle at the Cyclones game Center Ice 2/23/18 pick up game
2/23/04 3 on 3 2/23/04 Brady, Jeff and Joe Nurse Cris works her magic
I love Basketball pick up game