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3-March-2004 - 3/5/2004

3/19/04 Jeff and Joe with Mikey outside the Pond 3/19/04 Jeff and Joe on the bench during warmups 3/19/04 The boys with Petr Sykora's stick
Nurse Angela and Jeff The last drop of chemo last day of chemo
Jeff acting goofy In the Limo Jeff and his mom in the limo
peace Precision Radiotherapy
3/5/04 The big Limo 3/5/04 Joe and Jeff leaving school
3/5/04 Jeff's class and teacher 3/5/04 Arriving at Children's 3/5/04 Leaving Children's
3/5/04 The staff at Precision Radiotherapy 3/5/04 The boys with their grandparents 3/5/04 Enjoying lunch at Red Robin
3/5/04 The last radiation treatment 3/5/04 3/6/04 Getting into position
3/6/04 The headband returns 3/6/04 The team after a big win 3/7/04 bowling with friends
3/14/04 All smiles after winning 1st Place 3/14/04 Joe and Jeff with their cousin Marissa showing off the hardware 3/6/04 Going for the rebound
3/19/04 Jeff and Joe in the Ducks locker room 3/19/04 Jeff and Joe in the coaches box 3/19/04 jeff and Joe with head coach Mike Babcock